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Welcome to Windmills Farmhouse & Resort, where dreams become unforgettable memories. Located on Bedian Road Lahore, our resort is not just a venue; it’s a canvas for your most cherished moments.

We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking chapter in the city’s event landscape as Windmills proudly pioneers destination weddings in Lahore. Our resort, renowned for its scenic beauty and unparalleled hospitality. Windmills now extends its embrace to couples seeking a truly enchanting setting for their special day.

Beyond destination weddings, we continue to be your premier choice for a spectrum of events – from the elegance of weddings and the professionalism of corporate gatherings to the joy of birthdays, the warmth of family get-togethers, the excitement of pool parties, the simplicity of picnics, and even the creative allure of drama and movie shootings.

Our lush landscapes, versatile event spaces, and luxurious accommodation provide the ideal setting for a wide range of events. We take pride in creating tailored experiences that reflect your unique style and preferences.

At Windmills, we believe in crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our team is dedicated to turning your visions into reality, ensuring every event, big or small, is a masterpiece etched in memories.

Join us at the forefront of innovation and tradition, where every celebration is an opportunity to create magic. We look forward to being the canvas for your cherished moments.

Warm regards,

Kamil Faheem
Managing Director, Windmills

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